Club Information

Our meeting are from September to May with various Summer Fun activities through the summer season

All meetings start at 7pm, Judging nights start at 6pm

Mayfair United Church *
(902 – 33rd Street West)

* Subject to change – See website for updates

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Mailing Address

Saskatoon Camera Club
c/o Ron Lambert
1032 Spadina Crescent East
Saskatoon SK S7K 3H7

Camera Club Executive

President:  Stephen Nicholson   (306) 222-2874   Email:

Vice-President: Dale Read  (306) 664-1928

Treasurer & Membership: Ron Lambert   (306) 652-2366   Email:

Webmaster:  Scott Prokop   (306) 715-8484   Email:

 Secretary: Jamie Cleveland   (306) 290-5511

Past President:   Pat Derbowka   (306) 242-7265

Archivist/Librarian: Vern Sanders   (306) 373-4083

House Chair:   Richard Packard   (306) 244-0927

Social Convener:  Rhea Preete   (306) 717-2741

Judging Chair:  Karen Pidskalny  (306) 220-7470

Awards Chair: Michael Cuggy  (306) 651-2460

Prints Chair:  Ken Greenhorn  (306) 975-3974

Digital Images Chair:   Brian Barnhill  (306) 978-1010 Email:

Reserve Fund Committee:  Ian Sutherland, Dennis Harley, Jim Barnsley

CAPA Rep:  Kyle Remus  (306) 222-8780

PRPA Rep:  Maureen Sinclair  (306) 955-2373



  1. When are your meetings? When do you start the fall session? How much does it cost?

    • We meet every Tuesday. Our regular nights start at 7pm but our judging nights start at 6pm. We started our new season at the beginning of the September but we always welcome new guests. Memberships cost $40 for single, $50 family and $20 for a student.

  2. How do I sign up, do I just show up to one of the meetings?

  3. “Club Information | Saskatoon Camera Club” ended up being a great post.
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    Anyway, thanks for your personal precious time, Gustavo

  4. Michael J. Costello

    What do you bring to the meetings in terms of equipmenat? Do the meetings cosist of learning lectues or actual photography?

    Michael J.

  5. Is this clubfor those of is who suck too? Or is it just for semi professional photographers?

    • We invite all ages and levels of photographers. This is a great place to learn and connect with people who have the same passions.

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