Clinic Topics

2019-2020 Clinic Topics

The clinic provides a forum to have work evaluated and have constructive comments made.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2019
Rural Saskatchewan
Your image should be a visual representation of life outside of the city. Examples include barns, occupied or abandoned buildings, equipment, old bridges, farmland, farm animals, and people.

OCTOBER 22, 2019
Saskatoon Neighbourhood: Exhibition
Show us what you like best about the Saskatoon neighbourhood known as “Exhibition”. This neighbourhood is bounded by Taylor Street to the north, Victoria Avenue to the east, Circle Drive to the south, and the South Saskatchewan River to the west.

December 10, 2019
Night Sky Photography
Images taken outdoors, at night, between dusk and dawn.

JANUARY 21, 2020
Submit images that display patterns. Patterns are seen in the repetition of a design element such as line, shape, colour or texture.

Treasure Hunt

4×6 prints, all 5 topics
Minimal post-processing manipulation

  1. The Letter A
  2. Amethyst
  3. Antique
  4. Animal
  5. Ascend

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