Clinic Topics

2015-2016 Clinic Topics

The clinic provides a forum to have work evaluated and have constructive comments made.

Saskatoon: Riversdale (Submit Sept. 22nd)

Photos of the Riversdale area of Saskatoon. From 22nd Street on the North to the River on the South and from Avenue K in the West to Idylwyld Drive on the East.

Reflections (Submit Oct. 20th)

Any photo depicting reflections – such as mirror images, reflections in water etc; or depicting reflection as a mood interpreted by the photographer.

Triptych (Submit Nov. 17th)

A Triptych is a series of three photographs presented on one canvas that tells more of the story than a single image would.

Human Figure (Submit Jan. 19th)

The human form is one of the most interesting and rewarding subjects to shoot. The perfect shot can capture an individual and a moment in time forever.

Email your digital submissions to:

Treasure Hunt

4×6 prints, all 5 topics
Submit Dec. 1st, Members vote Dec.15th

  1. The Letter W
  2. White
  3. Wrinkles
  4. Walking
  5. Window

 2016-17 Clinic Topics

  1. Neighborhoods: Downtown
  2. Nature
  3. Tools of the Trade
  4. Shadows

2016-17 Treasure Hunt Topics

  1. Letter X
  2. Xmas
  3. Exercise
  4. Xanthic
  5. Xeriscaping

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