Clinic Topics

2013-14 Clinic Topics

1.  Three’s *                  Sept 24, 2013

* Nature Clinic: There must be minimal or no evidence of human activity (roads, fences, buildings, power lines, etc.)

Must have three of something from nature.  Not necessarily the same subject matter, but clearly three subjects in the photo. Anything goes but it has to be 3 objects. They can be the same, or all different. Close ups or landscapes with 3 of something evident to the viewer.

Samples for Inspiration:

Three Objects (HDR or Tone Mapped)

 2.  Framed                   Oct 22, 2013

Frame your subject creatively either by creating a frame around them/it or by placing your subject in a frame that exits.  Use something in the foreground, background or around your subject to highlight your subject.
Ex: doors, windows, etc

Samples for Inspiration:

Frame Your Subject

Within a Frame

Natural Frame

Foreground Framing

 3.  Movie Titles         Nov 19, 2013

The title of a Major Motion Picture should be represented in your photo. Use movie titles to inspire and create some wonderful and unique photos. It could be from the movie title, a scene from a movie or what ever can inspire your photography imagination.

Samples for Inspiration:

Movie with a Twist

 4.  Power of Nature *           Dec 10, 2013

* Nature Clinic: There must be minimal or no evidence of human activity (roads, fences, buildings, power lines, etc.)

The power of nature could be destructive or peaceful.  A photo that evokes strong emotion when captured in a photo.

Samples for Inspiration:

Elements of Nature: Wind

Elements of Nature: Fire

 5.  Low Key / High Key       Jan 21, 2014

Very high light levels, or very low light levels should be demonstrated.

Low key light accentuates the contours of an object by throwing areas into shade while a fill light or reflector may illuminate the shadow areas to control contrast.

A high-key image consists primarily of light tones, without dark shadows. The photograph features a diminished tonal range of primarily whites and light grays.

Samples for Inspiration:

High Key

High Key Portrait

Low Key

Low Key Portrait


 6.  Street Photography        Feb 18, 2014

The day to day images of people and places.  Submit a candid photograph of people taken on the street in an urban area. Street photography is documentary in nature and is said to “hold up a mirror” to society, illustrating a moment of life, or plunging the viewer into unfamiliar places.

Samples for Inspiration:

Street Photography 1

Street Photography 2



 Email your digital submissions to:

Treasure Hunt

4×6 prints, all 5 topics

  1. The Letter “U”
  2. Underwear (noun)
  3. Upside-Down (verb)
  4. Umber (color) – Natural brown or reddish-brown pigment
  5. Ungulates (animals with hooves)

 2014-15 Clinic Topics

  1. In The Back Yard*
  2. From The Past
  3. Macro
  4. Enhanced By The Light
  5. Photographer’s Choice*
  6. Canadiana

2014-15 Treasure Hunt Topics

  1. The Letter “V“
  2. Violet
  3. Velocity
  4. Vegetable
  5. Vase(s)

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