PRPA Everest: Club Competition

The Everest is a club competition with each participating PRPA (Prairie Region of Photographic Arts) member club entering 20 digital images.

A certificate and ribbon is awarded to the maker for the highest scoring image in each category:

  • Best Landscape
  • Best Portrait
  • Best Candid Child
  • Best Nature
  • Best Open

A Best of Show certificate and ribbon is awarded to the highest scoring image in the competition. The Everest Trophy is awarded to the club with the highest total score for their 20 entries.


  • One image – size – 1024-768 (or close)
  • Image should conform to Saskatoon Camera Club guideline for Traditional or Monochrome—No Altered Reality
  • e-mail your entry to Maureen Sinclair
  • Include the title, category and your full name in the e-mail.
  • Entry Deadline is October 25

We need 20 images for a complete entry

Any questions- Email Maureen Sinclair

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