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At the request of the host club for Altered Reality – Individual Competition, the email address for receipt of images and entry forms has been changed to


  •  Competition closing date: JANUARY 20th
  • Images must be heavily manipulated and obviously creatively enhanced including composites, creative filters etc.
  • These images are not meant to look like a regular photograph.

Trillium Photographic Club
John Overmeyer
RR 2 1560 5th Conc W
Branchton ON N0B 1L0

….and don’t forget about:
THEME: Individual “Footwear”
Competition Closing date: 20 February 2011
Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia
Joyce S.K. Chew
230 High St
Bedford, NS B4A 1M6

From the Competition Guide:
Competition Closing date: February 20th 2011 “Footwear” (Singular, Stacks, Being Worn)

  • The definition for Open Competitions (see below) regarding image editing also relates to the Theme competition.
  • Submit images as close to this theme subject as possible.
  • Images which do not illustrate the theme could be disqualified by the Host Club who will consult with the Digital Open Competition Chair to make the final decision.


  • A variety of subject matter is accepted. 
  • The photographer can make enhancements in the camera (zooms, pans, multiple exposures, blurs, cropping) with modifications/enhancements using a digital imaging software program e.g., Photoshop, to improve the overall presentation of the original captured image e.g., improved contrast/tonality, enhanced colour. 
  • Techniques that dramatically change the presentation of the original captured image must be entered in the ‘Altered Reality’ Competition.

Enjoy the Competitions!

Judy Higham, Director of Competitions
Canadian Association for Photographic Art

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